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Receiving Shipped Firearms

All shipped firearms, except those being returned from gunsmithing by a licensed gunsmith, must be shipped to a FFL for subsequent transfer to the final recipient.

Procedure for having Putnam Shooters receive your shipped firearms
All transfers must comply with local, state, and federal law.
  • Contact us prior to having firearm shipped.
  • You may need to supply pictures or an auction link, so we can verify that the firearm is permissible in New York State.
  • If the sender is an FFL
    • Send us the contact information for the sending FFL. We will transmit our license to them directly and arrange shipment.
    If the sender is NOT an FFL
      In accordance with ATF recommendations, we will not send a copy of our license to any non-FFL.
    • Have the sender email us a copy of their driver's license or other state-issued identification at
    • Once we receive a copy of the sender's identification, we will respond with our abbreviated license number and a link to the ATF's FFL EZ-Check website, where the sender can verify our license and mailing address.
    • The sender may then ship the firearm.
    • Sender should email us tracking information as soon as it is available.
  • Once we receive tracking information, we will schedule an appointment with you to receive the transfer of the firearm.
When you arrive to receive the transfer:
  • All applicable fees must be paid prior to conducting the NICS background check.
  • Fill out ATF Form 4473, and we will perform a NICS background check.
  • If NICS response is Proceed:
    Rifles & Shotguns:
    • You take immediate possession of firearms.
    • You will receive a Bill of Sale.
    • Have the guns added to your NYS Pistol License at your County Clerk's office.
    • Once your permit is ammended, return with coupon from your County Clerk to pick up the handguns.
    • If handguns are left for over 30 days, you must resubmit NICS check before taking possession.
    If NICS response is Denied:
    • You may not take possession of firearms.
    • The transfer fee is refunded. Background check fee is non-refundable.
    • You will receive a NICS resolution card, listing your next steps if you believe you were denied in error.
    • You are responsible for return shipping costs to the sender, as well as obtaining a refund from the seller.
    If NICS response is Delayed:
    • You may not receive firearms until delay is resolved.

If you require additional information, please email us at