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The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit

Get a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, and carry legally in over 30 states

Why should I get a Utah CFP?

It’s Widely Accepted

Utah aggressively pursues reciprocity agreements with other states. The Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is currently honored in over 30 states!

It’s Inexpensive

Unlike some other states that charge over $100 every few years for their concealed carry permits, the initial permit fee for a Utah CFP is only $49 for non-residents, and renewals are only $15 every five years.

It’s Easy to Obtain

Utah is a “Shall-Issue” state for both residents and non-residents. There is no justification of “need” to obtain a Utah CFP.

Residents of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut are not required to have a pistol permit in their home state to obtain a Utah CFP.

You do not need to be a resident of Utah, or even visit Utah, to obtain a Utah CFP.

Utah is legislatively obligated to process your permit application within 60 days. Actual turnaround is typically 45 days.

Please Note: The Utah CFP is not intended to replace your home state CCW permit or NYS Pistol License.
A Utah CFP will not allow you to carry a handgun in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut. The Utah CFP is intended to allow you to carry your handgun when you travel to states that recognize the Utah CFP.

When traveling through states that do not recognize your permit(s), you may legally transport your handgun through those states, unloaded and locked in the trunk, while making a continuous journey to a state where you may legally carry it.

All of this information is covered in detail in the class.

Ok, how do I get one?

Getting a Utah Concealed Firearm Permit is simple. First, attend one of our Utah CFP Courses with a Utah Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor. Your instructor will furnish you with a Utah CFP application, stamped with his seal to certify that you have attended the course. Mail the application, along with one fingerprint card, one passport-quality photo, a copy of your driver’s license, and the $49 fee to the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. If you are not disqualified, you will receive your Utah CFP within 60 days.

Who is disqualified?

Persons disqualified from obtaining a Utah CFP include:
  • Anyone not qualified to purchase or possess a firearm pursuant to federal law
  • Anyone adjudicated mentally incompetent
  • Anyone convicted of:
    • a felony
    • a crime of violence
    • an offense involving the use of alcohol
    • an offense involving the unlawful use of narcotics
    • an offense involving moral turpitude
    • an offense involving domestic violence
Misdemeanor convictions (except domestic violence) typically carry a 3 to 5 year disqualification.

Felony & domestic violence convictions carry a lifetime disqualification.

What’s involved in taking the Utah CFP Course?

The course is approx. 4 hours long, and is classroom only. No firearms qualification is necessary, therefore, firearm ownership is not required.

The course covers:

  • Basic handgun operation & safety
  • Ammunition
  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Utah law pertaining to firearms and the use of physical force
  • Federal firearms laws

We also include a brief discussion of nationwide permit recognition for the New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut resident. Fingerprinting and photography are also included.

I’ve already taken a safety course to get my current permit. Doesn’t that count?

No. Utah requires applicants to take a specific course whose curriculum is determined by the Utah BCI, administered by a Utah Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor. Other safety courses are not accepted, and possessing another permit does not waive the training requirement.

Are there discounts available?

Yes! Groups of 4 or more registering in one of our Brewster, NY classes receive a $20 discount per student.

Individuals hosting a class* receive their training free!

* Hosted class must have a minimum number of paying students, determined by our travel time to the location. Contact us for more details.

What does the course cost, and what does that include?

The cost of the course is $150, and includes the following:

  • The 4 hour training course described above
  • A Utah CFP application, stamped with a certified instructor’s seal
  • One completed fingerprint card
  • One passport-quality photograph
  • A stamped and addressed envelope, ready for you to mail your application to the Utah BCI
  • Refreshments are complimentary at our classroom.

What else will I need to get my Utah CFP?

The only other items you will need to include with your application are a copy of your driver’s license and the $49 permit fee. The permit fee may be paid by check, or by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). If you choose to pay by credit card, there is a section to fill out at the bottom of the application to authorize your payment.

Our course is designed such that, if you bring a copy of your driver’s license and the permit fee, you can mail your application on your way home!

What if I also want to obtain a Florida Weapons Permit?

The Utah CFP Course is also accepted by Florida as satisfaction of their training requirement. When you attend our Utah CFP Course, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, a copy of which may be submitted with your Florida application.

We will also provide for you an additional passport photo for your Florida application at no additional cost. Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with fingerprinting for Florida, as Florida requires fingerprints to be taken by a law enforcement agency.

Where are your classes held?

The classes are held in a spacious, state-of-the-art classroom, located in the Milltown Office Park in Brewster, NY. Visit the Our Location page for details and directions.

Can I host a class at my home or business?

Yes! Our classes can be conducted anywhere that can accommodate a projector and screen. Group discounts may also apply. Email training@putnamshooters.com or call (845) 224-3232 to make arrangements.

When is your next class?

There are no upcoming classes scheduled at this time. Please email training@putnamshooters.com to be notified when more classes are scheduled.